Where's Mommy??

Where are we?  Why can't we see?  Where is Mommy?  WE are so hungry.  Mommy where are you?

What is that noise, is it a human?  Why are we being lifted off the ground?  Where are we going?

Where is Mommy?  Mommy help us?  Mommy we are so hungry?

We heard we are going to Forgotten Tails Animal Rescue, what is that?  Is Mommy there?  Oh no the human said Mommy got hit by a car.  Why are the humans holding us?  Oh what is this?  They are putting something in our mouths.  IT'S MILK, this is so wonderful but what happens in a couple of hours when we get hungry and don't have our Mommy?


I guess we will be hungry again for a couple of days before we get fed.  Wait, it's only been a couple of hours and we are being fed again, boy, this milk is good - it must be Mommy.

WOW, we can see now.  Wait a minute this Mommy doesn't look like us... she's tall and only has 2 legs and talks human.  The good thing is she feeds us sometimes before we even tell her!!

What a great Mommy at Forgotten Tails, getting up in the middle of the night to feed us.  This Mommy gives us something they call medicine, but it doesn't taste good UCK!  We take it anyway because she is our Mommy.  No that we are 3 Months old, we are going to our forever homes where we will have just one more Mommy for each of us and we will have children and toys to play with.

Boy, life is good!  

Thank you Forgotten Tails for saving us!!

Their Stories

​​​​​My name is Beauty and I was on death row at an animal control facility.  I was pregnant with a broken shoulder and leg.  The clock was ticking and I was wondering, which was going to come first... my babies or my death!

Then an Angel at this facility called another Angel at Forgotten Tails and I was saved!

She took me to Forgotten Tails, gave me a wonderful room with food, water and a bed with lots of pillows.  I get more attention now than I ever did!!  Well, once I got settled in my wonderful room, which has air conditioning, I decided I better have these puppies before something else happens in my life.

So out came 10 puppies and I thought I am going to be a very busy Mom, but to my surprise, I got help in caring for them.  My next thought was well, this is great but what is going to happen to my babies.... are they going to be neglected, abused or abandoned, like me?  

I was wrong again, they are all running around playing and waiting to be adopted to loving and forever homes.  I now hear the Angels at Forgotten tails talking about fixing my should and leg by raising money for the vet bills.  I sure hope they raise the money because it is so awkward to walk and I would love to be able to run and play like the other dogs.  But I am so thankful for my new life and being saved.  

Oh my, one of the Angels took me to a veterinarian.  The Vet was really nice.  He took pictures of my shoulder and leg.  The Angel started crying when he showed her the pictures.  He told her I had been shot twice - once in my shoulder and again in my leg.  So that is what all that pain was last year.  He told her I did not seem to be in pain anymore because it had healed and he was right, the pain finally went away.  I just walk a little funny.  All of my babies have been adopted and I am so happy they have loving homes.  Now I am hoping someone will want me, even though I don't walk other dogs.  Will you be my next and last angel?​